winter wellness

As November draws to a close and December is just around the corner, we are fully in the holiday season. Regardless of what holidays you celebrate, this is a time to be around family, share stories and feel a sense of togetherness with those around you. Though this is a time of joy, these cold, dark months bring with them cause for concern to your health. Seasonal depression, AKA seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is a feeling many people experience this time of year. 


The shorter days, cold weather, and decreased social interactions, among other factors can all take a toll on your health. These threats to your wellness can affect everything from mental health in the form of anxiety and your physical health. Luckily for you, there are ways to combat these feelings before they strike.


A great place to start is by protecting your immune system. Explore Deca’s Supreme Immune Health Formula to be sure your wellness is starting off at the strongest baseline.


Decrease The Stress In Your Life 


Stress is inevitable and sometimes can seem unmanageable. Whether that’s due to high stress from job loss or health issues to low stress from everyday life, stress can take a toll, no matter what form it comes in. Incorporating effective stress management will allow you to be in control of your stress. Some stress management techniques include; setting a sleeping schedule, practicing relaxation, or seeking social support. It’s vital to recognize your stress triggers and understand how to manage it to keep you at bay.


If you’re still finding it difficult to manage the stress in your life, then talk to a professional if needed. There are many forms of therapy, like online therapy for those looking for a more flexible option. Mental health professionals will give you the tools to better manage your stress while creating a plan. Make time for important things such as hobbies or activities in your life; using them as an outlet for stress will help you 


Be Strategic With Your Diet


Who loves cozying up on the couch with holiday cookies and hot cocoa? We wouldn’t blame you if you raised your hand. Winter makes it easy to eat comfort foods and indulge. The shorter hours of daylight may tempt you to jump on Netflix a bit earlier and order takeout as opposed to taking the time to make something homemade. Though these temptations may get the best of you, diet is an integral part of physical and emotional wellness. A balanced winter diet can go a long way to helping you overcome feelings of seasonal affective disorder.


During the winter months, eating bright, healthy foods is an easy hack to help yourself feel better. Foods such as leafy green vegetables and vitamin-packed fruits not only boost your immune system but also keep you from overeating carb-dense foods that are easy to grab and snack on. Fruits and vegetables offer vitamin B and other natural nutrients which help restore potential deficiencies in your winter diet. Not only do these additions taste good, but also have positive impacts on your mood, helping decrease your chance of anxiety or depression.


Find Routines That Work For You


We know winter can be tough. It’s easy to wrap yourself in a blanket and stay warm. It’s easy to hit “snooze” on your alarm clock and stay in bed. It’s easy to stay inside all day. All of this is true, but it can also be detrimental to your overall wellness. Don’t let the colder weather break the healthy habits you’ve come to develop. If you’re thinking you don’t have any, then this is also a great time of year to jumpstart New Year resolutions and build healthy habits. 


Finding a routine you can repeat daily can help give you meaning and motivation each day. This can be as simple as laying your clothes out the night before, making your bed in the morning, or planning out meals before the week starts; the options are endless. Routines offer a plethora of mental health benefits. Wherever you are in your routine process, writing down and documenting your experiences can help. From helping keep you motivated to understanding how certain activities affect your wellness, this log can keep you on the right path and help you make necessary changes.


Winter Wellness Recap


Maintaining your wellness during the winter doesn’t have to be a challenge. Take the time to understand what works best for you and apply those activities. Use winter to better yourself and kick-start healthy habits. Maintaining your wellness not only benefits you emotionally but also physically.  Take these tips and whatever else works for you to fight against seasonal affective disorder and make this winter the best it can be!