According to the American Diabetes Association, 9.3% of Americans have diabetes. If you fall into this 9.3% percent, it would be in your best interest to look into how Aloe can help support homeostasis and normal structure and function. There have been many studies that have shown Aloe to benefit people with diabetes.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Simply do a Google search for “ALOE TREATMENT FOR DIABETES”. You will find numerous reputable sources detailing how aloe helps those with diabetes. Many of the sources will mention Aloe Vera, as it is the most common form of Aloe. Our formula uses Aloe Arborescens, which contains all of the same beneficial properties, but just more of them.

People with diabetes may think that they cannot take our formula because of the honey. However our formula uses raw honey and we’ve had many diabetic customers come back with positive results. If diabetes is an issue you face, look into Aloe Products Center’s formula as a solution to help improve your health. We wish everyone improvement and success in their health and know that our Aloe formula can be a big part of achieving that goal.