Aloe Arborescens Skin Benefits

Aloe has been proven to have positive effects on the Integumentary system, our skin. Most of us are familiar with aloe vera skin benefits, especially during those hot summer months when we use it topically to soothe sunburned skin. Then what is the difference between this and the aloe arborescens that is used in Fr Zago’s formula?

Cleansing Effect

It all starts with blood flow. The active ingredients of the outer leaf part of the aloe arborescens plant help to regulate and purify blood flow. When blood is flowing properly, it will help cleanse the rest of the body. When the rest of your body is functioning well because of regulated blood flow, you will feel better all around and it will show in the glow of your skin. The chemical components found in the gel of the aloe plant provide cleansing properties. It aids in clearing out toxins, and to improve skin conditions such as inflammation, infection, acne, pimples, and eczema. Your skin will be left feeling clean, strong, and rejuvenated.

Green Skin?

You might ask, “Why would I want green skin?” The two main ingredients used in Fr Zago’s Aloe Arborescens  formula are whole leaf Aloe Arborescens liquid/pulp and raw honey. Both ingredients are all natural and organic (“green”). There is a more effective outcome when using natural and organic ingredients and products. The honey takes the aloe arborescens throughout the entire body, while at the same time protecting the important healing properties of the aloe. Honey also has healing properties of its own. Both ingredients together create a very powerful combination of healing and cleansing the body, including the skin.

A Healing Process

Not only can aloe arborescens improve skin appearance, it can also protect it from future problems. The aloe helps fight with the skin’s defense system to reduce degeneration. Aloe arborescens contains excellent capabilities to slow down the aging process of skin as well as speed up the wound-healing process. These wounds might include sunburn, other heat wounds, bruises, etc. In ancient times, Seminole Indians even considered aloe arborescens to be the “fountain of youth.”

Aloe vera skin benefits are “clear”. Who doesn’t want healthy, clear, “green” skin? But if you really want to do your body good, Fr Zago’s Aloe Arborescens formula is the most powerful can help control and improve blood flow, which in turn, heals skin properties. It will help your skin stay clean and protected by regulating blood flow and controlling conditions such as inflammation and infection. Aloe Arborescens will naturally and organically purify and strengthen your skin. Developing “green” skin is the way to go.