With the beginning of a new year, we hear a lot about living healthier – exercising more, eating healthy and detoxing our body of unwanted toxins. For some, this is easy and for others, it’s more of a challenge.  Today we are going are to be talking about why it’s so important to develop these healthy habits.

Ultimately, by developing these new healthy habits – eating cleaner, exercising more and detoxing – you create a healthier lifestyle for yourself.  You only have one body and it’s important to do you best to help it function as properly as possible.

Eating healthy can be tough, but when you are properly fueling your body with the right types of food, the benefits far outweigh any sacrifices made. A healthy diet can help your reach and maintain a healthy weight, reducing your risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease and cancer) and promotes overall health. Not only are bettering your health for the future, but it will change the way you feel and think today. Eating healthier simply makes you feel better.

When beginning to eat healthy, it’s important to help the body get rid of all the stored toxins it’s working so hard to flush out. Many detoxes can be expensive, extreme, or even harm your health.  We recently talked about why detoxing with a natural detox, like our Supreme Immune Health Formula, is so beneficial (you can read those post here and here) and how it helps improve your overall health.

Just like a healthy diet, regular exercise plays an important role in your overall health.  Exercising helps us to have increased energy levels, lose extra weight, be more alert, and build muscle which improves the body’s ability to function and maintain itself.  Not only does exercise improve your body image, but it can help you both mentally and emotionally. Exercising causes your body to create endorphins – the chemicals produced by the body that make you feel better.  Regular exercise can improve your self esteem, sleeping patterns, and is also known to help those who suffer from depression.

We often tend to think we have to start big, which oftens ends in us feeling overwhelmed and even disappointed. So just start small – pick water over a soda or take the stairs instead of the elevator.  It takes 21 days to create a new habit, so start yours today!  Make the ultimate investment in your future and your health by making these habits a part of your everyday life.