One of the surprising benefits that come from taking aloe internally is the healing of the digestive system.  We know that aloe contains nutrient compounds that help heal and smooth the skin when used externally, like on a sunburn.  It also has the same effect on the lining of the digestive tract when taken internally.

Aloe helps with stomach and overall digestive irritation, and improves your body’s ability to heal and repair ulcers in the stomach and intestines.  It also helps stimulate the body into releasing pepsins, a stomach enzyme necessary for digestion.  These pepsins, combined with the anti-inflammatory benefits of aloe, is what helps heal stomach ulcers.

Along with healing and repairing, aloe can decrease inflammation caused by irritable bowel syndrome and other inflammatory disorders of the gut.  Aloe contains substances called glycoproteins and polysaccharides. Together these two substances help decrease inflammation, and the glycoproteins speed up the healing process by stopping pain and inflammation while the polysaccharides stimulate growth and repair.

Aloe has amazing benefits that can help heal you if you suffer from a digestive problem, but it can also help prevent digestive problems. In order to have a healthy digestive tract, you must have a clean digestive tract.  Aloe has many natural cleansing properties that will help clean the digestive system of any harmful and/or damaging waste. Unnecessary waste in the digestive tract can cause various digestive problems as well as preventing the body from absorbing the nutrients it needs.

These aren’t wild health claims with nothing to back them. It’s tested and proven science. Overall, It will help cleanse your digestive system, healing and repairing any issues you may have or simply strengthen your gut as a preventive measure. All of this done naturally, no added chemicals. So whether you are looking to cure a current digestive problem or just want a healthy gut, aloe is the way to go.