When it comes to aloe-related products, the marketplace is filled with a variety of brands and companies to choose from.  So why Aloe Products Center?  What makes our Supreme Immune Health Formula better than the rest? The answer is quality. From the quality of the ingredients to our extremely high production standards, we strive to make each bottle the best bottle yet.  

We control the processing of the Aloe Arborescens from start to finish – meaning we grow and harvest five-year-old botanical plants on farms in southern Italy and harvest the whole leaves into juice at a processing facility located in Italy. Rather than extracting the suspected key ingredients, we use the entire leaf and grind it into a liquid. This has proved to provide the most potent health benefits. Then, with the help of King Bio Manufacturing, we import the Aloe Arborescens juice to the U.S. and add the raw, unpasteurized honey.

One of the reasons we are able to manufacture our product at such a high level of quality, is thanks to King Bio.  Not only does King Bio hold the highest FDA approved standards, but they truly believe and care about the health of the people who use our formula.  We recently interviewed Dr. King, owner and operator of King Bio. During the interview he told us that “We just don’t make products to just make products – we look for products that are special, that help people”. Be sure to watch our recent interview with Dr. King to learn more about his high standards of production, and to see why he thinks our Supreme Immune Health Formula is so special.