As we have previously discussed, our supreme immune health formula comes from Aloe Arborescens plants. There are only few places where this plant can be grown. It grows wild in South America, South Africa, the southern border of the Mediterranean Sea, the Soviet Union, and the Orient. It is grown commercially in Italy, but not North America.

We are able to make our Aloe Arborescens formula by harvesting the plant after five years. Five years is the proper time to then process the leaves of the plant. The whole leaves are taken and ground into a liquid. It is important that this process is done without heating, cold pressing, or freeze drying in order to retain all active ingredients of the Aloe Arborescens plant.

The Aloe Arborescens plant we use to make our immune health formula is grown organically in greenhouses in Italy, with some of the best soil in the world. Our process is carefully controlled to meet all current Good Manufacturing Processes, making the most effective Aloe Arborescens Formula.