We often take for granted our good health. We tend to think about health-improving habits when it’s too late; even though we know the best kind of health care is preventive health care! Today we are going to talk about how a little aloe a day can strengthen your family’s immune system and improve overall health. We will also be answering some of our most frequently asked questions!

Aloe Arborescens – the key ingredient in our Supreme Immune Health Formula – is great for building a strong immune system, normalizing the functions of the digestive system and increasing overall energy production.  All of these things make a huge difference when raising a family. Children are exposed to hundred of germs each day and tend to bring those germs home with them. So why get sick if you don’t have to?  Take preventive steps to avoid the unnecessary illness that come from these germs – like the cold or flu.  

Another great benefit of using Aloe as preventive health care for your family is that it’s all natural! Our formula is made from the highest quality Aloe and honey. You won’t have to worry about any harmful ingredients that may harm your children.

We often get asked two great questions – how old do my children have to be to take the formula and how should we take the formula?

Children as young as six years old may use the product; they however do take a smaller dosage than someone over the age of 12. If you are considering giving the formula to a child under the age of 6, we advise that you consult with your doctor for precautionary reasons.

When taking aloe, mix your recommended dosage with 2 – 4 ounces of water.  We instruct customer to take the formula 20 minutes before eating to help ensure the aloe is more fully absorbed to have its optimal effect. However, some customers – whether by instruction of their doctor or personal preference – take the formula along with their food. When using the formula for health maintenance, family members should take the product for 10 days straight, four times a year.

It’s important to feel comfortable when trying a new product. If you have any other questions, be sure to check the frequently asked questions (FAQ) tab. If you’re still having trouble finding the answer to a question, you can submit your own questions under the ‘Contact’ tab.