How is this product different from typical supplements?

Made from rare aloe and raw honey, this traditional Brazilian formula combines powerful medicinal compounds from aloe and the naturally occurring probiotic bacteria and phenolic compounds in honey. It contains no stimulants, sugar, caffeine, starch or yeast. It is a medical grade food supplement, offering immediate bioavailability.

How does Supreme Immune Health Juice Formula ™ bolster immune function?

It’s a proven fact that a strong immune system resides in the gut. Chronic digestive issues like leaky gut, Crohn’s, and irritable bowel syndrome wreak havoc on the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and fight off foreign invaders.

This formula helps to repair the body’s digestive tract, allowing other bodily functions to return to optimal function. Recent studies show that the full complement of polysaccharides and other phyto-nutrients helps promote the repair of a wide range of tissues and organs.

What’s special about the aloe?

This formula contains whole leaf, freshly ground juice from the rare Aloe arborescens plant. It’s been proved to contain 200% more medicinal components than its more well-known counterpart, Aloe vera. Grown on pristine plantations in Italy, only mature, five-year-old plants are harvested, to ensure highest potency.

Why is the honey an important ingredient?

Not just any honey – only raw, unpasteurized honey from the United States, unheated or filtered to preserve the flavonoids. In addition, the glucose in the honey acts as a natural carrier for the nutrients, speeding medicinal compounds to each and every cell.

The phyto-therapeutic ingredients in this rare aloe “re-nature” cells, restoring their ability to function as designed. Its natural preservative qualities help to ensure the formula’s freshness, when taken as directed.

Specifically, how does it renew the immune system?

The combination of rare aloe and raw honey activates immune response through the increased expression of defensive cytokines of interleukin-1, interleukin-6, INF and TNF.

Does this product promote total body detoxification?

Toxic overload and resulting inflammation form the basis of many modern chronic diseases. When the body is nutritionally bolstered, it is no longer hampered by toxic overload.

This traditional Brazilian recipe stimulates the intensity of macrophage. That’s the process wherein natural killer cells seek out and destroy dysregulated or aberrant cells. This process removes free radicals from the system, reducing the opportunity for cancer and other illnesses to establish themselves.

Another group of aloe constituents, chemically known as Anthraquinones, contains potent compounds that promote gentle whole-body cleansing of harmful toxins and waste (detoxification), a healthy appetite, bowel regularity and restore normal gastrointestinal function.

How does this product combat inflammation?

Chronic inflammation damages the delicate inner workings of so many bodily systems. By reducing toxic overload, the body can absorb nutrients more easily, and stop the vicious cycle of immune system damage.

What other bodily systems typically see improvement after taking this formula?

Cardiovascular stress is reduced. Blood sugar levels normalize. Digestive discomfort is relieved. Healthy appetite returns. Cellular metabolism becomes more efficient, which increases overall energy production. Bone marrow is protected from damage by toxic chemicals and drugs, including modern cancer treatments. Parasitic invasion is thwarted.

Can this medical food grade supplement be incorporated into a custom exercise program?

This formula provides ideal support for any exercise program. No matter the age of the consumer or the intensity of the workout regimen, increased energy, better cardio performance, and improved rest are typical.