Aloe Arborescens Supreme Immune Health Formula™

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Archived Reviews


5 Star Review Son
My grandfather has cancer and was very weak and on various drugs for the pain in part of his spine that had been eaten up by the cancer. He had no appetite and was super constipated and on the verge of death. I bought this product to see if it would help him and now he is doing AMAZING. His appetite came back and his pain has all but completely left him. He always had constipation problems even before he had cancer but now he can go to the restroom perfectly. Even he can’t believe it! He is only taking one pain medication instead of the 5 he was taking before and he just recently was told by his doctor that the cancer was still VERY localized and that is supposedly rare since by now his cancer should have spread to other parts of his body. Amazing how God gave us these natural foods and medicines that can heal us. The Lord is Good and to him be all the glory. John
Reviewed by: John Mata from Barstow, Ca. on 8/20/2013

Immune system improved
I have been using Aloe Arborescens for several weeks & my tumor markers have been decreasing & my immune system has improved. I have stage 4 breast cancer.
Reviewed by: Vesta Jennings (Verified Buyer) from Greenfield, Mo. on 8/20/2013

Colon Cancer….trying to prevent return metastasis
After getting the diagnosis and surgery, my PET scan was clear. But the surgeon had tested 23 lymph nodes and found one to be positive. It just happened to be in one of the two nodes he had removed. I don’t really think anyone can tell me if it’ll return, but I’m not taking any chances. The Aloe formula made perfect sense to me as a preventative. I like the Trojan Horse use of honey, a natural healer in itself. I don’t use the recommended dosage. Instead, I take one ounce, 2TBS, every 12 hours. This is mostly because of my work schedule as a Doctor of Optometry. I could tell I was detoxing after one week of using the product. Now I have a perfect sleep pattern, no pain issues at all, and a sense of well-being that I just can’t explain. I have a positive attitude that the Aloe Aborescens is killing any remaining cancer cells that may be lurking in my body. I plan on continuing my current dosage for four more months, then reducing it by half, which I will continue indefinitely. I am thankful to God for giving us such a healing product.
Reviewed by: John Bender from Daleville, AL. on 8/21/2013

Terrific product
I have been taking this product since my diagnosis of lung cancer six months ago.I have undergone eight chemo sessions and thirty seven radiation treatments. My blood tests always come back showing my immune system strong and I still have a full head of hair,this product does the job.
Reviewed by: brian pritchard from Elkhart Indiana USA. on 10/1/2013

Benefits of Aloe Arborescens
My doctor recommended Aloe Arborescens as a way to help rebuild my body’s immune system against day to day and age related diseases. I’ve been taking it for almost three years now. I used to come down with a cold once and sometimes twice a year and then a case of laryngitis annually. I went through about a 2 1/2 years totally disease free. I also feel much better on a daily basis due to the detoxifying properties of the aloe arborescens.
Reviewed by: Terry Case from Southlake, TX. on 8/26/2013

Reviewed by: PRISCILLA GAROL from AUSTRALIA . on 9/5/2013

Aloe Arborescens
Excellent product. I suffer from candidiasis and this product helped me detox my blood from the candida die off.
Reviewed by: Argenis from Miami, FL. on 8/25/2013

After taking 1 tablespoon of Aloe Arborescens for one month last year, my wife’s intestinal disorder was cured. I now recommend it to patients with any kind of bowel issues, acute or chronic, and continue to get great results. Thanks for such a product that lives up to its story.
Reviewed by: Dr. Thomas Antone from Los Gatos, CA. on 8/22/2013

Great service, great product.
Thank you for processing my order so quickly and efficiently. I am taking aloe arborscens because I have breast cancer. I actually feel healthier and more energetic than I have felt for years, I would have to put this down to the effects of your product. Judy Holds Geraldton, Western Australia.
Reviewed by: Judy holds from Geraldton, Western Australia.. on 8/21/2013

It is amazing
After surgery I am facing few unexpected side effects. Soon after surgery I started to eat very healthy, a lot of fruits, vegetables, no process food, etc. Approximately 6 months later I had very bad pain in my stomach area. After 2nd attack I did some research and suspected gallbladder stones. Test confirmed, many stones. Knowing my friend has a great knowledge about natural treatments I asked about his advice. Well, his first response was very accurate. Aloe Arborescens. I used 2 bottles only as recommended and no pain for the last 5 months. I had total 4 pain attacks and my primary recommended removal of gallbladder. I asked about some time and used aloe. Results are unbelievable. My doctor asked me what was it becase she is willing to suggest to her patients. Many of us heard about aloe Vera but Aborescens is not know well. I can say: it’s amazing. I know Aloe Arborescens has many other positive application and I am using it. Recommend to everyone.
Reviewed by: Kris from Delran. on 8/20/2013

An Elixir indeed!
I came to know about the multiple benefits of this health formula through a friend and placed an order a couple of months ago for my father in law. He liked the product so much that he recommended it to the rest of the family as well. Now my entire family is reaping the benefits of this miraculous formula! It has improved our digestion and has left a feeling of lightness because of the detoxifying action. I would recommend this to everyone!
Reviewed by: Pores Fernando from Chennai , INDIA. on 8/22/2013

regulate bowel movement
DEAR Sir/Madam, We have not been taking this long, however there is one particular observation, and that is to be able to go to the bathroom regularly!!! This mixture has helped us regulating our bowel movements. Thank you for your making this product ! Lor
Reviewed by: Lor Kent from L/A. on 8/21/2013

No cold or flu in winter
Aloe Arborescens gave a great boost to my immunity. I went the whole winter without a cold or flu and I am a person who normally suffers from both. From the inside out, I could feel the effect of better health.
Reviewed by: Mary from Kingston, NH. on 8/20/2013

Supreme Immunity!
After using my first batch of the formula (3 bottles), I can feel an improvement in my overall condition. I feel stronger and more exhilarated. Time to reorder! Definitely benefitting me! Time will tell, but only good things so far.
Reviewed by: Robby Rosser from Galveston Texas. on 8/28/2013

leukemia, type cmml
I have been using aloe for the last two months and my hemoglobin count has stayed the same. Normally it drops about .4 points a month and Ii require a blood transfusion every three months. Looks like I won’t require a blood transfusion in the near future. The only thing different is that I am taking aloe…..jerry
Reviewed by: gerald lahaie (Verified Buyer) from Florida. on 8/22/2013

Love Aloe Arborescens
I’ve been very pleased with this product. Have seen great results in all over well being and healing. Great would like to continue using it.
Reviewed by: Bonnie Berniko from Saskatchewan, Canada. on 8/24/2013

Great benefits and tastes awesome too
This is easy on the stomach and provides an increased feeling of well being. Each ingredient alone has healing properties and the synergistic value works fine for me. Great stuff and well made.
Reviewed by: Shirley from Clarksville MD. on 8/23/2013

As a regular user of pure Aloe myself, I couldn’t wait to get this for my brother in law when he had a recent recurrence of his cancer. In my mind its a ‘no brainer’. Aloe is so good for you anyway and this has so much more to offer with its unique recipe. My brother in law has been taking this for a month now and is only just started on his 2nd bottle, so it lasts. It also tastes better than the stuff I get. A little too early t o tell if it has positive effects on his cancer, but anything is worth a try.
Reviewed by: sara from nottingham UK. on 8/21/2013

Found it a few years ago when experiencing digestion issues. Makes quite a positive difference for me when I use regularly. Thank you.
Reviewed by: Donna Marie from Chicago. on 8/21/2013

Very satisfied
Was very satisfied with product and your company. Will definitely order in the future.
Reviewed by: Sam Grim from Maryland. on 8/21/2013

Feel Great
Have been using Aloe Arborescens Supreme Immune Health for a while now. I have been feeling great, full of energy and on the go a lot at my age. As for Prostate Health it doesn’t seem to work for me, my number keep going up.
Reviewed by: John from Westminster, California. on 8/21/2013

Improvement of urination
I tried your product along with others like curcuma, green tea and so on. I have a cautious optimism regarding improvement of urination. That’s important and I am going to continue. I have prostate cancer.
Reviewed by: Lev Kuznetsov (Verified Buyer) from Montreal. on 8/21/2013

star4 Taking for 5 months
Love this product and I’ve been taking it for 5 months and my blood test report had never been so good!
Reviewed by: Veronica from New York . on 8/20/2013

Powerful stuff!
I have tried several brands of aloe arborescens but none as potent as this one. I experienced an almost immediate detox reaction the first time I took it. Shortly thereafter, I began to notice improvement in digestion, inflammation & energy levels. I definitely noticed the difference when I ran out. Will be purchasing again & again. Highly recommend this aloe.
Reviewed by: Nicole Tupper from Los Angeles. on 8/20/2013

Superior Product
I have been taking this supplement off and on for quite some time now and the benefits are amazing and also seems to give me an extra sense of well being aside from the health benefits I would highly recommend this to anyone!!
Reviewed by: Joe Fox from Pennsylvania USA. on 8/20/2013

Keep up the good work
I was dx with stage 4 colo-rectal cancer march 31,2014 with mets to the lymph nodes. However I feel it is really helping. I have to go through 12 Chemo treatments. So far I have had 5. The doctors think I am doing well. My last chemo is in november so I will give you the results then. Keep up the good work Chris B
Reviewed by: Chris B from USA. on 8/14/2014

If mud in your eyes could heal blindness then Aloe can heal cancer
In 1987 a nurse warned a dentist that he was giving me to much radiation. After that incident, I knew there were going to be problems with my neck sometime in my life. Twenty seven years later a swelling on my right side started to grow after a smaller knot under my adams apple appeared in 2003. Over the years I did research on natual cures for cancer. I discovered Astaxanthin cured my brother in law when I gave it to him. Cesium with potassium need to be monitored by a doctor to keep it well balanced. Lastly, The aloe mixture by an Franciscan Priest. Well, after taking the aloe, honey and pure alcohol mixture, the swelling has reduced in size greatly. Yes the price maybe a little high but the results in most cases are worth it. Will order my next bottle soon.
Reviewed by: Doug from forest park,ga,usa. on 8/1/2014

metastasized breast cancer in chest bones
This formula was recommended to me 2 months ago by a healer from Brazil and I was fortunate enough to find the product on line. I take it 3 times a day and will continue to do so indefinitely. I will not know anything before Sept. 2nd at which time a CT Scan will be done but I feel better and have much less pain. I changed my diet to a vegetarian diet as suggested by brother Zago and do lots of vegetable juicing. It’s very important to alkalize the body. I will place another review in Sept. once I know more about the state of my condition. I am very eager to find out. Thank you for making this formula available. Paulette.
Reviewed by: Paulette Shepard from California. on 7/25/2014

[email protected]
Hi, up to the 3rd bottle I wasn’t sure it would work I even was ready to throw in the towel, the pain was terrible and unbearable. Without any faith I started the 4th bottle, The next morning there was a complete change in my system. I felt good, My appatite came back and most of the pain was gone and thing has been much much better for the past 6 days. Lets hope that it will keep going. Thank You
Reviewed by: Patrick Draper from Canada. on 5/20/2014

health benefits are astounding
I am a maintain your health kind of person. With the supreme immune health formula I have not had a sick day since I began including it in my health plan. It allows me less interruption in my life so I can continue smoothly. Thank you.
Reviewed by: healthy mom from AZ – CA. on 5/12/2014

Helping me
I give this product 5 stars because I believe that it is helping me with my diagnosis. thank you
Reviewed by: Maryann Fataen (Verified Buyer) from santa monica california. on 8/20/2013

Felt better
I did try the aloe immune formula for instestinal pain, bloating and flatulence I have been experiencing for long time. I have tried other products for the same problem before but this the only that was able to get me relief. I would highly recommend this excellence product
Reviewed by: Jose from Texas. on 8/20/2013

Preventive measure.
Taking Aloe Arborescens make my problem of bloated, gas and uncomfortable after meals almost disappear . It’s a great feeling indeed. God bless and thank you so much.
Reviewed by: Othman from USA. on 8/20/2013

What a wonderful product, thank you so much. I’m going to order more and tell everyone about it!
Reviewed by: Marianne from Jacksonville, FL. on 8/20/2013

Review of Aloe Arborescens
Aloe Arborescens is easy to use and tasty product. It feels refreshing and definitely shifts energy every time I use it. I would always recommend it!
Reviewed by: Natasha from Alexandria, VA. on 8/20/2013

Great results with Aloe Arborescens taken regularly
I am a holistic oriented caregiver and use the Aloe Arborescens myself and provide it for my clients, some of whom are following the Budwig protocol. I love the idea of cell renewal and immune system boost and my clients are holding their own despite serious health issues. I would recommend it to anyone interested in maintaining their health
Reviewed by: Barbara Williams from Austin, Texas. on 8/20/2013

Very Wonderful
After about a month taking this product I have found I have more energy and my body feels more alive and I am breathing deeper. Thank you.
Reviewed by: Nick from Califonia. on 3/11/2013

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