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“The Aloe Arborescens based Supreme Immune Health Formula is a prominent natural nutriceutical supplement that can increase NK (natural killer) cell activity in the immune system so we recommend and sell it to people needing immune health support.”

Dr. Steven Nemeroff, ND
Life Extension Foundation

After taking 1 tablespoon of Aloe Arborescens for one month last year, my wife’s intestinal disorder was cured. I now recommend it to patients with any kind of bowel issues, acute or chronic, and continue to get great results. Thanks for such a product that lives up to its story.”

Dr. Thomas Antone

Los Gatos, CA

I am a semi-retired Homeopathic Practitioner, who came across this product while researching for an alternative and or supplement, to the chemo drugs used in the treatment of cancer. This was for a very close friend of mine, who had been diagnosed with B-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in January of 2015 here in Mexico.

A CT scan showed 6-7 tumors in the stomach area and one on the head of the pancreas, which was a major concern, as it was blocking the bile duct, but the good news was it was in Stage 1. A plastic apparatus was inserted to open up the blocked duct, which immediately helped in the health of the person, in regards to her food being able to be digested.

In February of 2015, two weeks before the chemo started (CHOP, which included Rituximab), I started her on a 3 a day schedule of the Aloe Arborescens, but we decided to keep this information from the doctors for fear that they would ask us to stop using the Aloe A, and maybe even stop treating her.
Prior to either treatment, there had been blood tests which showed the White and Red Blood cell counts as being highly out of the desired range. I will not go into what other counts were out also.

In the middle of February, she had her first chemo treatment (CHOP). On March 17 she had another blood test done. The White & Red Blood count had gone back into the desired range, which was really, really, interesting.

Now, since it takes Rituximab at least 14-30 days to have any effect in the first treatment, and it had only been 5 days after the first treatment that the blood test was done, I felt that the Aloe Arborescens had been a factor in the noticeable change.

I kept the treatment going on a schedule three times a day/day for the first month. I then switched to a three times a day x 10 days on, and 10 days off.

What was very noticeable was that she did not have any real side-effects. Yes, she did start to lose her hair, but her appetite never really changed and she appeared to be very healthy, except for a few days after the chemo, when her energy level dropped. But she had no stomach sickness.

She went through once-a-month chemo treatments and each month had blood tests, which improved and didn’t revert back to the counts outside the ranges, and the ones that were close to the desired ranges.

In early June of 2015, after she had had only three chemo treatments, she had another CT Scan and I had to review it three times to make sure I was reading this correctly. The report indicated that there were no longer any tumors in the stomach area, pancreas, or anywhere else since it was a scan that started from her throat to the pelvic area. None!

I then asked her to consult with the doctors and ask them to stop the chemo treatment, because the blood work had been consistent with continuing improvement, but unfortunately, their thought process was to do a minimum of six – which meant three more. The doctors said there was still cancer in the cells, but I could not see it in any of the blood work results.

I told her to ask for a break of one month with no chemo, to see if the blood tests changed to indicate that there was still cancer in the cells, but they convinced her to have another treatment in June, and still another in July.

What I started to notice was a change in the Red & White blood cell counts, after her fourth treatment. My thought was this, could the Chemo start to wreak havoc on the body, when in fact it didn’t need any more, thus starting to destroy any healthy cells.

I have decided to reach out to the doctors to discuss all of this and of course, the use of the Aloe Arborescens. Because my understanding of the Aloe, and the mixture of honey and Aloe plant, with the honey opening up the cancerous cell and then the plant liquid mixture entering it, to change it from a cancerous one to a healthy one, is like honey acting as a marker. If this is so, then this process is very much acting like how the chemo works, only the chemo kills the cancerous cell and others around it.

Larry Johnson
New Westminster, BC

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