Review for Supreme Immune Health Formula

My grandfather has cancer and was very weak and on various drugs for the pain in part of his spine that had been eaten up by the cancer. He had no appetite and was super constipated and on the verge of death. I bought this product to see if it would help him and now he is doing AMAZING. His appetite came back and his pain has all but completely left him. He always had constipation problems even before he had cancer but now he can go to the restroom perfectly. Even he can’t believe it! He is only taking one pain medication instead of the 5 he was taking before and he just recently was told by his doctor that the cancer was still VERY localized and that is supposedly rare since by now his cancer should have spread to other parts of his body. Amazing how God gave us these natural foods and medicines that can heal us. The Lord is Good and to him be all the glory. John