Review for Supreme Immune Health Formula

After getting the diagnosis and surgery, my PET scan was clear. But the surgeon had tested 23 lymph nodes and found one to be positive. It just happened to be in one of the two nodes he had removed. I don’t really think anyone can tell me if it’ll return, but I’m not taking any chances. The Aloe formula made perfect sense to me as a preventative. I like the Trojan Horse use of honey, a natural healer in itself. I don’t use the recommended dosage. Instead, I take one ounce, 2TBS, every 12 hours. This is mostly because of my work schedule as a Doctor of Optometry. I could tell I was detoxing after one week of using the product. Now I have a perfect sleep pattern, no pain issues at all, and a sense of well-being that I just can’t explain. I have a positive attitude that the Aloe Aborescens is killing any remaining cancer cells that may be lurking in my body. I plan on continuing my current dosage for four more months, then reducing it by half, which I will continue indefinitely. I am thankful to God for giving us such a healing product.