Review for Supreme Immune Health Formula

At 55, an ex-smoker, led a very active life with a few nasty, permanent injuries. I was tired, depressed and unsure where my life was leading. I also needed to lose weight. I saw that as people aged, the healthier and more active they stayed, the gentler the aging process. So, I focused on a decent diet, I’ve lost 30 pounds so far, I’m exercising; walking, weights, Taji and Kung Fu. The Supreme Immune Health Formula is the basis of my diet and my meals are supplemented with a good multivitamin. I have energy now. I make my friends laugh and have the energy to get out there and make friends! I’m not saying this is a miracle cure, but if you’re body’s immune system is constantly fighting pollution, toxins in fast foods, heavy metal exposure from regular tap water, you’re bound to feel run down and tired. Using SIHF as the basis of my diet and lifestyle. I sleep well at night (my immune system isn’t working in overdrive) and consequently, I have more energy during the day. It takes about 2 weeks to really feel the difference. If you’re going to try it, be dedicated to using it as instructed. You won’t regret it.