Review for Supreme Immune Health Formula

My wife has Stage III breast cancer. The two main tumors in the breast were at 6 & 7 cm’s and the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes. The decision was to go with chemo first to shrink or eliminate the lymph node tumor and avoid lymphodema after surgery. They were hoping that the tumors in the breast would decrease as well but not with any great expectations. A few weeks prior to the start of chemo we found the Aloe Arborescens via I read all that I could and conceptually, it made sense as an all natural cancer protocol treatment. A week after the 2nd chemo the doctor and her assistant did a manual exam. Shortly after starting they looked at each other and asked which breast was infected with the tumors. The tumors which were 6 & 7 cm’s in length 4-5 weeks earlier were now difficult to locate. They double checked their charts to be sure which side the tumors were on. The doctor kept searching manually until she located something. The doctor said that she was unable to tell where they started and where they ended. She could no longer measure them and said the tissue density was clearly less. They couldn’t feel any tumor in the lymph node area. They were exuberant and giddy but shocked. They thought it was a chemo miracle while we felt it was the alternative protocols we were doing with the Aloe Arborescens, the featured protocol. In conjunction with the Aloe, we had flipped my wife’s PH level from 5-5.5, acidic to 7 to 7.5 and alkaline. We believe that the PH change helped stop the growth of the tumors and created an environment in her body where the Aloe could do all it’s magic. We call it Liquid Gold around our house. My wife previously suffered with colitis and that is under control without any prescribed medication. Can’t be the chemo! Her hemoglobin is surprisingly high for a chemo patient. She’s only dropped one point from a 12, when they would have expected a drop of 3-5 points. Her blood oxygen is high 90’s and for a cancer patient that’s very good from what we were told. Chemo isn’t making things better. She will remain on Aloe Arborescens the remainder of her life!