Ah, Spring. There is something beautiful about this time of year – something that promotes new beginnings and fresh starts.  We often get caught up in spring cleaning our homes – but what about our bodies? It truly is the only place we always live. So shouldn’t we be doing our best to take care of it?

Today we are sharing three ways to spring clean your health – physically and mentally! Three tips that will help you freshen up your diet, declutter your life, and work towards healthier habits.

#1: Get Outside

Most of us have spent all winter cooped up. Take advantage of the warmer weather to improve your physical health. Take a walk or go for a bike ride. Daily exercise. You’ve heard it before, but it’s so important! Exercise can strengthen your heart and boost your mood. You will also get a healthy dose of some much needed vitamin D!

#2: Add Color To Your Diet

As the weather gets warmer, it becomes the perfect time to purchase fresh produce.  Swap out your winter comfort foods for a colorful blend of fruits and veggies. Not only will they create a colorful meal and taste delicious – they will also give you the nutrients your body is looking for. Many fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that your body needs to detox, repair, and replenish.

#3: Release Negativity and Stress

Embrace the refreshing feeling spring brings. Let go of unnecessary worries and cares. Stress and negativity can become very harmful to your health when not properly taken care of.  Find time to destress and relax. Maybe join a yoga class or a quick walk around the neighborhood with a loved one. Tips #1 and #2 will also help in this area.

We know how important good health is to our happiness, and want to help you successfully spring clean your body this year.  We also know our Supreme Immune Health Formula is perfect to help you refresh, declutter, and improve your overall health. So to celebrate new beginnings and better health, we are giving you 20% off your next purchase* using the code ‘SPRING20’.

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