It’s that time of year again, the one we all dread – flu season.  There are a lot of theories behind what causes the flu season; cold temperatures, lack of sunlight, etc.  However, the most popular theory is the change in our lifestyles.  During the winter, people spend more and more time indoors, with the windows closed, breathing each other’s air – likely breathing the same air as someone who has the virus.

That being said, one of the best ways to avoid the flu is with a strong immune system! Your immune system is your body’s defence against infection and illness; it destroys bacteria and viruses, such as the flu, doing it’s best to keep you health.

According to the Harvard Medical School, choosing a healthy lifestyle is the best step you can take towards keeping your immune system strong and healthy. Exercising regularly, controlling your blood pressure, getting enough sleep and a healthy diet are just a few aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Part of a healthy lifestyle is making sure your immune system is at full strength. Adding Aloe Arborescens to your diet is another great way to strengthen the immune system and decrease your chances of catching the flu and other diseases. We know from countless clinical studies, and specifically Romano Zago’s book, Aloe Isn’t Medicine, and Yet… It Cures!, that Aloe has more than 300 phytotherapeutic substances and active components that strengthen and stimulates the immune system. Meaning it is a natural preventative measure that could keep you from getting sick this year.

Don’t just wait around, hoping you won’t get sick, take preventative measures to improve your health before it happens! Think of all the things that could be avoided – trips to the doctor’s, sick days at work, taking time off from things that you love and so on.  So don’t get stuck with the flu this season, begin taking those proactive steps today towards a healthier and stronger immune system!

Zago, Romano. Aloe Isn’t Medicine, and Yet… It Cures!. 1997. Print.